Eastern Caribbean Islands

Eastern Caribbean Islands

Italy is synonymous with love and romance. What could be better than old world culture, deep rooted history, breathtaking scenery, and incredible food? Explore the cathedrals of Rome, take a gondola ride in Venice, shop at exclusive boutiques in Milan, enjoy a wine tour in Tuscany, or spend a leisurely afternoon on the Island of Capri.

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Recognising the need to protect the environment around the Edu Faru and with strict adherence to the pledge to preserve the Park for future generations, the Hilton Maldives resort regularly arranges excursions to the site so that tourists can experience the delights of the Park in all its natural glory.

Think of the last time you have indulged yourself in a pleasurable vacation? You may be one of the million busy career or business persons, trapped in a fast-paced, hectic every day schedule. Each person is entitled to a time off once in a while. Free your mind and body from stress and constant worry. If given a week to rejuvenate yourself, you must try cruising.

This golden monument is a beautiful blend of east and west architecture. Its stylish Art Decco approach makes it romantic and royal. Named after Maharaja Umaid Singh, this amazing palace is one of its kinds. Influence of the Renaissance era is visible in its 105-foot high cupola and towers of the palace reflect Rajput tradition. Incredible murals of the artisan Stefan Norblin and lavish interiors together provide it a stunning look.

Deep sea diving can be a distinctive kind of diving. Generally referred to as technical diving in recreational diving, this kind of diving calls for unique abilities and instruction in order to be carried out properly.

Whether or not a traveller on a fishing trip to the Maldives Islands catches up with an Oriental Sweetlip or not, this is an adventure with few equals. Leaving aside the importance of fishing and tourism to the Maldives for a moment, the simple truth is that this area of the world is a magnificent spectacle, an undeniably fishy nirvana.

Maldives can be a part of your round the world itinerary and can certainly be done on a budget. This could be one beautiful experience without hurting your pockets too much.

Energy is forever moving into form, through form and back into form. This law says that change is all there is. Everything is constantly changing. The results that most often materialize in your life are the images you hold in your mind.

Previously the world's hottest chilli pepper was created in England by Gerald Fowler, a chilli farmer based in Cark, Cumbria. The pepper is a hybrid produced from Bhut Jokolia, Naga Morich and Trinidad Scorpion. It has a rating of 1,382,118 Scoville Heat Units.